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Subject: Special Secrets: The Feel Good Game by Justin Davis (T/b,mast,oral,anal)The following story contains sexual scenes involving an older male and
younger male. If material of this nature offends you then you should not
read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most
states you are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's
living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely
coincidental. Additionally, the actions of the characters in this story
are in no way intended to show approval of, or give sanction to, their
actions.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.Positive comments are always welcome and you may e-mail them to
Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Ricky, an older boy who showed
me the joy's of masturbation when I was eight years old. Although it
never went further than the opening pages of this story, it very well
might have had my family not moved some months later. I hope wherever he
is, Ricky has had a good life so far.Special Secrets: The Feel Good Game
Justin Davis
As he had done after school, many times underage illegal lolita porn before, little Justin dashed to
the house next door. Immediately, upon entering through the unlocked
screen door, the skinny eight-year-old shucked off his shorts and kicked
off his brown sandals, that were usually the only articles of clothing he
usually wore on warm spring days and during the summer.Eagerly, the spidery-legged kid climbed into the lap of his older pal,
who sat naked in the big stuffed chair. As he loved to do, Justin
reclined his body back upon that of the older boy. The television was on,
and so was The Cartoon Channel. For awhile, the duo watched as they
usually did."Your thingy is getting stiff again," Justin commented as he felt the
hardening penis began to press into his back."Uh, yours is too," the fourteen-year-old said.Justin looked down, and indeed his uncircumcised peter, that rested above
his marble sized balls, was beginning to lengthen, the foreskin already
retracting to reveal the purple head."Oh gosh! Mmmmmmm!" Justin cooed, as the hand of the older boy retracted
the foreskin and began to play with the head of the hardening little worm
with his fingers.The sexual intimacy of the two boys had begun innocently enough two
months before when Justin had raced through the screen door into the
house hollering for Ricky his new found older pal. Ricky had hollered
back, and Justin had hurried toward the voice.For some reason that day, Ricky was in the bathtub and Justin had stopped
in the middle of the open doorway, hesitant to enter and invade the older
boy's privacy."You can come in if you want. I'm almost finished," the older boy had
told him.Justin walked into the bathroom and seated himself upon the closed lid of
the toilet that was next to the tub and stared at the naked older boy who
was washing his legs with the soapy bath rag.Although Justin had underage gallery girls lolitas
seen his dad naked on more than one occasion, it was
the first time that he had seen another boy naked, much less and older
one, and his eyes quickly little lolitamodels in panties
focused on the boy's groin area and his
genitalia."Gee, you've got hairs down there," Justin had commented, rising from the
toilet seat and moving over toward the edge of the tub in order to get a
better view."Uh, yeah. You will, too, someday," Ricky replied."Gosh! Your thing is bigger, too," Justin said bluntly, squatting down by
the tub and resting his arms on the edge."Sure. I'm older," the older boy replied, as he took the wash rag and
began to clean his penis and balls.Justin watched the older boy wash himself down there, still fascinated by
what he saw."You can touch it if you want to," Ricky said.Justin reached out his hand and took hold of the flaccid, circumcised,
penis and began to inspect it. It was much bigger and thicker than his
own was, and of course, it was also different in that it had no foreskin."You don't have anything covering it up here," Justin remarked, detailing
the head with his fingers."No, I'm circumcised," the older boy replied. "Aren't you?" he asked."Mine's got skin here," Justin replied, again detailing the head of the
older boy's penis with his fingers."Most boys don't," the older boy commented.In response, Justin moved his middle finger around the circumcision scar
to inspect it causing the older boy's penis to twitch in response and
begin to lengthen."Uh, you better stop now," Ricky said, prompting Justin to quickly remove
his hand."It's trying to get bigger," Justin remarked."Yeah, it'll do that. It gets bigger when it gets hard. Doesn't yours?"
the older boy asked."Uh, yeah. My thing gets stiff sometimes when I need to pee," Justin
replied."What about when you play with it?" Ricky asked."Play with it?" Justin responded, having no idea what the older boy
meant."Yeah, like when you beat off. You know, jack off," the older boy said."What's that?" Justin asked, having never heard the term."Boy, are you dumb! You don't know what jacking off is?" Ricky replied."No!" Justin said, shaking his head that he didn't."Okay, let me get out of the tub and I'll show yah," Ricky said.Justin stood up and moved away from the tub. Then he stood close by and
watched as the older boy grabbed a towel and dried himself off, replaced
the towel back upon the towel rack, then went to one of the cabinets,
opened it, and then got out what Justin recognized as small bottle of
baby oil."Come on," Ricky said, and headed out of the bathroom.Justin had followed the older boy into the living room where the older
boy then seated himself in the big stuffed chair."Take off your shorts and come here," the older boy said."Uh, I don't baby lolitas nude models
think I should do that," Justin replied, realizing he would
be naked in front of the older boy since his shorts were all he had on."You wanna learn about jacking hot preteen nn lolitas off or not?" Ricky asked."Yeah," Justin replied, nodding his head that he did."Then take off angels top models lolita
your shorts and get up here," Ricky said, patting the area
of the chair between his spread legs.Sheepishly, little Justin turned his back to the older boy and taken off
his shorts, then covered his penis and balls with both of his hands,
turned back around, and walked toward the chair and climbed into the
chair between the older boy's spread legs."You're gonna have to move your hands dummy," Ricky said."Why?" Justin had asked."I can't show yah about jacking off without touching your peter stupid,"
Ricky responded.Cautiously, Justin had removed his hands from his penis and balls,
uncovering them, then watched as Ricky squirted some of the baby oil on
his fingers then set the bottle on the lamp table by the chair. Then, he
had gasped and covered his penis and balls with his hands again as the
older boy moved his hand toward them."I'm not gonna hurt yah stupid. Now, move your hands," the older boy
said.Slowly, Justin removed his hands and Ricky took hold of his little peter
and began to work the baby oil all over it with his fingers."Oh gosh!" Justin exclaimed, having never felt anything like it in his
young life.Then, as his tiny dink began to quickly inflate Justin moaned as the
intensity of the gooey feelings began to increase with each passing
second."Now this is what you call jacking off," the older boy said, and began to
masturbate the hard two-inch prick with his fingers."Oh gee! Oh gosh!" Justin exclaimed, having never imagined that anything
could feel so good.On and on the gooey feelings went, and as they intensified, little Justin
began to whimper occasionally, for the good feelings just seemed to grow
and grow and grow as Ricky's fingers moved up and down his peter."Oh Ricky stop! I'm gonna pee!" Justin soon exclaimed, thinking that he
was about to pee any second."It's gonna happen, just relax," Ricky said, and started masturbating the
small pecker even faster.Then, it was as if every nerve in little Justin's body exploded all at
once in one big overwhelming blast of pleasure that he couldn't
comprehend. He gasped, then squealed, and fell back upon the older boy's
stomach and chest as he had the first orgasm of his videos de pre lolitas
life.The older boy began to chuckle as he took his hand off of Justin's peter."That's what's called jacking off," he said. "You like it?" he asked."Uh huh," Justin had replied, his eyes watery and still breathing heavily
from the intensity of his first cum.Now, many weeks later, as Justin lay back upon the naked body of his
older friend watching cartoons, the fact that Ricky was slowly twirling
his hard little prick in his fingers seemed like the most natural thing
in the world."Can we play The Feel Good Game now?" Justin asked."Sure, if you want," Ricky replied."Do my butt, please!" Justin asked."Is it clean?" Ricky asked."Uh huh. I cleaned it before I came over," Justin replied."Okay!" Ricky said.In response, the spidery young boy quickly repositioned himself upon his
older pal's body so that his skinny frame rested on all fours upon his
legs, his butt up near Ricky's face.Ricky grabbed hold of Justin's tiny buns with his hands and spread them
as far apart as he could so that he could alternately lap and fuck the
pink hole with his tongue. Then, he began to lap away."Oh gosh! Uhhhhh!" Justin exclaimed, and grabbed hold of his hard, tiny,
pecker and began to wank it with his fingers as Ricky's tongue began to
lap at his tiny pucker.For a short time, Ricky circled the pink hole with his tongue and
licked. Then, he began to probe inside the pink hole."Yeah! Yeah! Uh! Uh!" Justin wailed, as Ricky began to fuck top 50 photography lolitas his tongue
into the tiny pink hole.Soon, Justin began to fuck his butt back upon the spongy tongue and his
breathing became more rapid."Oh Ricky! It's gonna start feeling good soon. Do my peter now, please!"
Justin exclaimed."If I do, you know what you gotta do after," Ricky replied, having
stopped his ministrations to the tiny pucker."My mouth or my butt this time?" Justin asked."Your butt, " Ricky replied."Oh no! Gosh! Okay! Just do my peter pleassseeeeeee!" the younger boy
begged."Get up here!" Ricky replied.Quickly, the younger boy flipped himself around and repositioned himself
so that top 50 photography lolitas his hard pecker was right at the entrance to the older boy's
mouth."Oh yes!" Justin exclaimed, as Ricky gobbled up his pecker.As he had done many times before when the younger boy began to fuck his
mouth, Ricky began to work two of his fingers into the boy's already
spit-slick hole."Oh yeah! Ricky yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Justin chanted, as he rocked back and
forth fucking Ricky's mouth and having his butt fucked with Ricky's
fingers at the same time.Needless to say, it didn't take the younger boy long and soon he squealed
loudly and shuddered as he had his dry cum then collapsed upon his older
friend's body."You ready to do me now?" Ricky asked moments later, after the younger
boy had recovered from his orgasm."Yeah, I guess," Justin replied, looking down at the older boy's hard
penis and wishing that he had wanted to cum in his mouth this time
instead of in his butt.Ricky lay back and smiled as the younger boy positioned himself so that
his butt was hovering over his hard almost five inch peter, took hold of
it, then guided it toward his hole as he lowered his butt."Mmm! Uh!" the younger boy exclaimed as the head popped into his rectum."Oh yeah!" Ricky exclaimed at the warm, moist, tightness.Unlike the first time, when it had taken a long time to get his older
friend's entire dick into his butt, Justin bit his lower lip and moaned
as rocked his hips and slowly sank onto the older boy's dick."It's all in my butt now," Justin opened his eyes and said as he felt
Ricky's pubes on his butt cheeks."Do it real slow like last time," Ricky said.Slowly, the younger boy began to rock his hips back and forth upon his
older bud's dick."Oh yeah! Shit that's good!" Ricky exclaimed.As he rode Ricky's dick, it wasn't long until Justin's tiny pecker again
inflated itself and he began to wank it with his fingers while he rocked
his hips back and forth."oooooooooooo--uhhhhhhhh-oooooooooooo-uhhhhhhhhh!" Justin began to chant
as he rode the older boy's dick and wanked."Oh yeah! I'm gonna cum soon!" Ricky soon exclaimed, and grabbed the
younger boy's hips to help him ride his dick even faster.In response Justin nodded his head and rapidly wanked his prick, for he
too was just on the edge of cumming."Oh no! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Justin hollered, and shuddered from his second
orgasm in less than fifteen minutes.For Ricky, Justin's muscle spasms milking his cock were all it took to
send him over the edge."Fuck yeah!" he hollered, and blew his load of hot teen goo all over the
insides of the younger boy's rectum.Afterward, with Ricky's softening dick still up his butt, Justin lay upon
the older little lolitamodels in panties boy's chest and looked up at his older pal."Can we play "The Feel Good Game" again tomorrow?" Justin asked."Anytime you want, squirt," Ricky replied, and tousled the younger boy's
brown mop with his hand.Later, as he ran home, Ricky's sperm leaking from his hole onto the
crotch of his shorts, little Justin thought how nice it was to have an
older friend who knew so many fun things to do. Of course, he would
never tell anybody about it because it was a special secret. Only he and
his videos de pre lolitas older friend knew about "The Feel Good Game" and little Justin wasn't
about to share their special secret with anybody.The End
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